Top Gear is about to return to the screen with their season 16, but as you know the show’s crew was until recently missing one important member – their tamed racing driver, now known for his real name (Ben Collins) who chose to reveal his identity by publishing his autobiography.
So in search of their Stig replacement, Top Gear went to the ‘Stig Farm’ and picked another mystery driver, who surprisingly is wearing the same colour suit and helmet as the previous Stig.
As the video below shows, choosing the new Stig was not easy, many of them proving ‘unqualified’ for Top Gear’s tasks, who also didn’t miss the opportunity of making fun of their former test driver by saying ‘Hysterically, some Stigs even think they can write books, but that’s never a good idea.’

Video: Top Gear’s New Stig From The Stig Farm

Source: YouTube