In this next video from FifthGear we have Graham from the office comparing the show’s Skoda Superb Estate crew car with the best estate on sale – the Mercedes E Class.
Even though you might consider these models for be far away from eachother, they are actually pretty close, however the Merc is the winner in pretty much any department by the narrowest of margins.
Some examples where the Mercedes E Class Estate is better are boot space, body control, suspension noise and interior refinement, while the Skoda Superb Estate scores a point due to its dual clutch transmission that shifts faster than the Merc’s 6-speed automatic.
As far as pricing the entry level 2.2-litre turbodiesel version Mercedes E Class Estate costs 5,000 GBP more than the most expensive Skoda Superb Estate.  
Watch the video with the Skoda Superb Estate vs the Mercedes E Class Estate after the jump.

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Video: Skoda Superb Estate vs Mercedes E Class Estate

Source: FifthGear via YouTube