There is nothing wrong with wanting to stand out from the crowd, and automakers are definitely addressing this need more and more these days, offering a wide range of solutions through which customers can personalize their acquisition.
The problem is being different is not always the same thing with being better, or in this case looking better, especially when you take matter into your own hands and consider that your own ideas are better than what Rolls Royce in this case has to offer as standard. But of-course it is all a matter of taste, and like Einstein’s theory says, ‘everything is relative’.
We still have to conclude that the owner of this particular Rolls Royce was probably having a hard time choosing one of his favorite colours, so he ended up choosing them all. The result is visible : what used to be an elegant saloon became a rainbow vehicle both inside and out. 
Video: Rolls Royce Phantom gets rainbow exterior and interior

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Source: YouTube