This next video was shot on June 27, 2010 when Rhys Millen attempted to brake to current Pikes Peak world record in the ‘Unlimited Class’.
We know that Rhys Millen broke the record in 2009 in the 2WD Time Attack class, and this year he wanted to go further buy finishing the Pikes Peak run in his custom built Hyundai PM580 in under 10:01:408.
Unfortunately for Millen the Unlimited Class record remain unbroken but we still have this great footage to view with his attempt.
As a reminder the Hyundai PM580 sponsored by Red Bull was powered by a V6 engine that produced 750 HP and the car which weighted 1,850 pounds was specially developed to attack turns in the 12,52 mile long course.  
Watch the video with Rhys Millen’s Pikes Peak world record attempt after the jump.

Video: Rhys Millen Pikes Peak world record attempt