As the Italians use Lambos and the Germans allready have Porsches, it was a matter of time untill the British force got their own Porsche Panamera Police car.
The Porsche Panamera Police car had to go on a diet, as it received a titanium exhaust system which is 40 Kg ligher than the one found on the stock version, new carbon fiber and magnesium wheels that are also around 35 Kg lighter plus a new suspension that is 25 mm lower.
Also this Porsche Panamera Police car had its power increased from 500 BHP to 580 BHP so performance figures indicate it can sprint to 62 mph from a standstill in less than 4.0 seconds and reach speeds of more than 200 mph.
Watch the video with the Porsche Panamera Police car after the jump.

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Video: Porsche Panamera Police Car

Source: YouTube