As you know FIA has allowed the use of KERS in the 2011 season of Formula 1, along with drivers having the ability of adjusting the position of the monopost’s rear wing in order to reduce drag. In this next animation video created by Red Bull Racing, Mark Webber explains how these two features may aid in the driver’s overall strategy of winning the race.
The KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems) allows storage of the energy generated upon braking into a battery pack. When these batteries are charged the F1 driver can send an additional 80 bhp to the back wheels by the push of a button. This boost can be used in small doses or all at once in both defence and attack strategies.
Mark Webber is also offering a brief description of how the adjustable rear wing is going to be used on the Red Bull RB7 F1 car, so be sure to check out the animation video below the jump.

Video: Mark Webber explains KERS and Rear Wing on 2011 F1 Car

Source: YouTube