This next video shows a Ferrari prototype revving its engine on the streets of Italy. Besides the fact that black camouflage wraps this prototype completely there are also various elements from various Ferrari models that confuse us. 
For example the front lights look like the ones on a Ferrari 458 Italia, while the rear glass seems borrowed from the 599 Fiorano. The back of this Ferrari prototype also looks like it can accommodate the mechanism for a soft top convertible, while the sweet noise appears to be from a V12. From what we can tell this might be the Ferrari Scaglietti successor and that is in case the Prancing Horse is not working on some new model which could also be the case considering the heavy camo.  
Watch the video with what we assume to be the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti successor after the jump.

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Video: Ferrari 612 Scaglietti prototype

Source: YouTube