In today’s digital age phone books are of no use anymore right? Well the owner of a modified 2001 Chevy Tahoe has found a ‘good’ way of ‘testing’ the power of his custom audio system by channelling 30,000 Watts via four 18 inch sub-woofers directly towards a phone book.
The results are seen in the video below, and just to mention how much ‘audio power’ is packed into that 2011 Tahoe, according the the video description the system consists 13 amplifiers, 26 speakers ranging from 1 inch to 8 inch in size and the 4 18 inch woofers mentioned above.
How can the car’s batteries cope with that? well there are now 10 batteries and four 350 Amp alternators fitted on it, so besides destroying your ear drums and annoying your neighbours there seems to be a new way of putting a sound system like this to good usage…that is of course shredding phone books.

Video: Custom Car Sound System vs Phone Book

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Source: YouTube