We all have seen the videos shoot during test days at the Nurburgring race track. But this is a different kind of video cause you have the chance to see a car in its natural ground.

But wait a minute because we havent’ told you what cars are on the next video. We are speaking about the upcoming Audi RS7 and SQ8 performance vehicles.

And what a better place they have found to test these new cars: the mighty Autobahn. Both cars were caught with some minor exterior camouflage which means Audi is almost ready to show us the full-package.

The Audi RS7 will come with some minor exterior tweaks with bigger exhaust pipes and with a lot of power under the bonnet. To be more specific, the new RS7 will feature a V8 4.0 liter twin-turbo engine which can deliver about 650 horsepower. The engine will be matted to an eight speed automatic and to an all-wheel drive system. 

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The SQ8 will come with a diesel V8 in hybrid form that will be able to deliver 430 horsepower and about 900 Nm peak of torque. Both car are scheduled to be unveiled this year.