The first official promo video for the 2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta has surfaced on the Internet. This Alfa Romeo 147 successor will soon go on sale, and customers will have two diesel and two petrol engines to choose from. 
There is also a fifth option, which is the most powerful powerplant that can equip the 2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta, and that is the 1750 TBi that can produce 235 horsepower.
As you would expect from a respected Italian brand the 2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta will offer great comfort as well as dynamics, and rivals like the VW Golf or the Opel Astra could have a reason to fear. But that also depends on the 2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta price wich was not announced yet.
Watch the first promo video for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta after the jump.

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Video: Alfa Romeo Giulietta promo

Source: YouTube