It didn’t took long until BMW released also the first official movie of its freshly introduced 4-Series Coupe Concept, due to be launched January 2013, during NAIAS Detroit Auto Show.

The Munchen-based manufacturer takes us near the concept, to show the exterior lines and the new influences in terms of design.
BMW has given the new model its own individual character and a standalone design. The “4” stands for greater sportiness, greater exclusivity and even clearer differentiation from the BMW 3 Series range.

The new 4 Series Coupe has grown in size. The wheelbase (2,810 mm) is 50 millimetres longer than that of the existing 3 Series Coupe, while 45 mm has been added to the front track (1,545 mm) and 80 mm to the rear track (1,593 mm).

At 1,826 mm wide, the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe is 44 mm broader than its predecessor, its roof line is 16 mm lower (1,362 mm) and it is also longer (4,641 mm).

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Source: BMW