In case you won’t be among the fortunate ones who will be able to visit the Geneva Motor Show this year, then we have a video that sums up all the highlights, so this way you’ll at least have an idea of what you’ll be missing out on.
Autocar’s walk-around starts with the production models, and these include a wide range of supercars like the Ferrari FF, Pagani Hyayra, Koegniseg Agera R, Gumpert Tornante, Lamborhini Aventador, Alfa Romeo 4C, Aston Martin Virage and Jaguar XKR S. The main attraction in our opinion would be Lambo’s Murcielago replacement.
Of-course such an important event like the Geneva Motor Show also includes many concepts, and some of the models in this category include the Mini Rocketman, the BMW Vision Connected Drive, Mazda Minagi, Toyota GT-86 II, Saab PhoeniX, Audi A3 Sedan and many more.
You will be able to find out detailed coverage of all the main highlights of the 2011 Geneva Motor Show on CarSession.  
Watch the video with the 2011 Geneva Motor Show highlights after the jump.

Video: 2011 Geneva Motor Show Highlights

Source: Autocar via YouTube