As most of the bigest manufacturers in the world, Nissan set the foundation of a joint-venture in China. The Japanese manufacturer joined forces with Dongfeng and created what they called Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company (DFL-PV).
The first appearance of the brand was this week, during Shanghai Motor Show. the first product of Dongfeng and Nissan was launched under the Venucia name and was called VOW. The VOW Concept is a new trendy sport crossover concept, developed for the young generations. VOW is the abbreviation of “Venucia Over Wonder”.
The futuristic design is paired with a bright blue body inspired by ”Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, a high plateau near the crest of the Andes Mountains with captive fresh and saltwater lakes and the world’s largest salt flat.”
“With the VOW Concept, Venucia is going directly to the young generations and listening to what they have to say about their futures, their hopes and what inspires them. We are determined to bring forward a young and fresh brand that continues to challenge the status quo,” said Zhou Xianpeng, DFL-PV deputy managing director.