Vauxhall is concentrating in launching new models in the close future. The UK manufacturer is preparing to introduce the new generation Mokka.

The face of the next generation Mokka shows extremely attractive features that are both disciplined and personable at the same time. This discipline is everywhere and in every detail, especially in the Mokka nameplate. It is all-new, like the whole car, with a specially designed font that forms the word “Mokka” in a technical, flowing, lively way. A name and an emblem at the centre of a new generation of vehicles.

The same goes for the new Mokka itself, the first Vauxhall that confidently bears its name centrally on the tailgate below the legendary Griffin logo. Readable for everyone and without additions such as equipment lines or displacement abbreviations. The new Vauxhall Mokka only says “Mokka” – or “Mokka” with the small “e” in the case of the purely battery-electric version.

The next Vauxhall Mokka generation is a completely new design and deliveries to the first customers will begin in early 2021.

The next generation Mokka reveals, for the first time, the new blueprint for the front and rear view of future Vauxhall models. In the design compass, two axes intersect with the Vauxhall Griffin logo in the middle. The legendary brand logo is becoming the central feature more than ever. The characteristic wing-shaped graphics of the daytime running lights, which future Vauxhall models will also feature, symbolise the horizontal axis. The theme repeats in the rear view and shows the Vauxhall logo in its purest form. The centrally arranged model nameplate connects the horizontal line of the wing-shaped rear lights with the vertical line that extends from the roof antenna down to the accentuated crease in the bumper.