A new engine tuning kit from VATH Automobiltechnik, which this time applies to the Mercedes E 350 CDI.
By revising the engine with a new software which costs 1,179 Euro, the VATH Mercedes E 350 CDI can get its output level increased to 267 HP ans 595 Nm of torque. For an additional 1,118 Euro, the VATH Mercedes E 350 CDI can also receive and aluminium air intercooler which enables even more power – 285 HP and 650 Nm (5,753 lb-ft) of torque.
Other elements that can be offered with the VATH Mercedes E 350 CDI upgrade program include new stainless steel exhaust piepes, priced at 822 Euro, flexible steel braking tubes and racing braking fluid (465 Euro) and 20 inch alloys wrapped in high performance Hankook tires (7,900 Euro).
At the exterior the VATH Mercedes E 350 CDI received a new carbon fiver front lip (1,417 Euro), a carbon diffuser (1,774 Euro), a black radiator grille (798 Euro) and a tail spoiler lip (334 Euro).
A height adjustable coilover suspension is also available on the VATH Mercedes E 350 CDI for 2,954 Euro.   
VATH press release :
Pure Elegance – V35 E-class tuned by VAETH
Base vehicle E 350 CDI
The VAETH V35 now is much more than only a luxurious transport means. The recent creation of the VAETH Mercedes specialists is proving in an impressionating manner that they do not rest on their laurels. The professionals from Hoesbach have faced the task to give a special final touch to a Mercedes-Benz E 350 CDI.
The engine management optimization of the E 350 CDI power unit brings a total power of 267 HP on the wheels, the max torque raising up to 595 Nm (5,266 lbf in) at the same time. The power improvement (engine software) is available for 1,179 Euro only. For 1,118 Euro more one will obtain additionally an aluminum made air to air intercooler, bringing the total power up to smart 285 HP at 650 Nm (5,753 lbf in) of torque. For 822 Euro only VAETH will add four optically corresponding oval stainless steel tail pipes.
But the extreme propulsion, as well as the impressionating braking capacity via flexible steel braking tubes in combination with racing braking fluid (for 465 Euro) must be transmitted on the road, somehow – and in a stylish way. This job is now made by the in-house developed multi-part light alloy rims with forged rim star, 9×20” and 10.5×20”, equipped by high performance Hankook tires 245/30 ZR20 and 285/25 ZR20 respectively. The price for the wheelset – 7,900 Euro, depending on the tires brand.
In order to optimize the contact between vehicle and asphalt further on and without compromizes, VAETH brings a coilover for 2,964 Euro into the game, adjustable not only in height, but also in hardness – thus warranting for a safe road handling.
The car body modifications are not overstated, furthermore extremely harmonic ones. So, a complete aerodynamics package, consisting of a carbon front lip for 1,417 Euro, a carbon tail diffusor for 1,774 Euro, and the radiator grill without star for 798 Euro provides a gentle sportive outfit.
A tail spoiler lip for 334 Euro, also in carbon, completes the masterpiece, improving the downforce on the rear axis.
Photos: Jordi Miranda

Source: Vath