The aftermarket specialists from Vath have turned their attention towards the Mercedes CL500, as they considered the standard version could use a bit of extra power and exclusivity.
This is why they fitted the 5.5-litre powerplant from under its skin with sport camshafts, stainless steel sport catalysts and air filters and have also remapped its ECU. The result? Well the Vath Mercedes CL500 is now able to unleash 460 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque, and besides the upgrades mentioned above, the coupe’s new stainless steel manifolds, catalytic converters and stainless
steel rear silencer also play an important role in boosting performance.
Other improvements performed on the Vath Mercedes CL500 include a fuel cooler and an engine oil cooler which help in reducing consumption and lower material stress.
In the looks department the Vath Mercedes CL500 has been enhanced with a series of carbon fiber components like a front spoiler lip, a trunk lid spoiler and a rear diffuser, with a set of 20 inch forged wheels wrapped in performance tires completing the exterior treatment.
The interior of the Vath Mercedes CL500 has been further refined through the addition of numerous carbon fiber parts, black suede, a sports steering wheel and a new speedometer that reads 360 Km/h.
Vath’s upgrade program for the CL500 also includes a three way adjustable sports suspension and a performance braking system.

Source: Vath