Unichip has launched an ECU upgrade for the 2.5-litre DCi version Nissan Navara.The standard version Nissan Navara 2.5 DCi develops 171 bhp and 241 lb-ft of torque, while with this new U-Connect plug and play Uni-Q ECU upgrade a 29 bhp and 24. lb-ft of torque gain is enabled.  
And while the new performance level on the Unichip Nissan Navara is now 200 bhp @ 4,300 rpm and 265 lb-ft of torque, fuel consumption figures remains the same, meaning 29 mpg (UK rating) in a combined cycle.
The Unichip Nissan Navara ECU upgrade costs 398,878 GBP and it is suited to the 6-speed manual transmission models produced from 2005 until spring 2010.
Unichip press release : 
  * ‘U-connect’ plug and play for easy DIY installation of Unichip ECU
    * Dyno proven to gain 29 bhp and 24 lb.ft of torque
    * Fuel economy remains unaffected by Unichip conversion
The Spanish built Nissan Navara has been a popular sight on UK roads since its launch in 2005 as a load lugger and rugged workhorse. And while the Navara’s 171 bhp, four cylinder 2.5-litre DCi powerplant provides the Nissan pick up with reasonable levels of urge, Unichip Europe’s latest U-Connect plug and play Uni-Q ECU fitment offers a significant performance upgrade at an affordable price.
The result of extensive road and dyno testing, the Uni-Q ECU is designed as a DIY fitment via its plug and play ‘U-Connect’ wiring loom, allowing fitment (and removal) in minutes. It leaves no electronic footprint and is ‘invisible’ to Nissan main dealers during servicing. To ensure it is totally tamperproof, the ‘U-Connect’ unit can only be remapped by one of Unichip Europe’s 35 UK dealers.
Once installed, the performance gains produced by the Uni-Q are immediately noticeable – peak power increases 29 bhp to a maximum of 200 bhp at 4300 rpm. Meanwhile, torque, an important factor with a utility vehicle such as the Navara, rises 25 lb.ft to a measured maximum of 265 lb.ft.
On the road the Unichip enhanced Nissan Navara feels sharper, livelier and more eager, responding well from very low revs, enabling swift and safe towing, overtaking and fast road driving.
Despite the extra performance, Nissan Navara 2.5 DCi owners will be pleased that the Uni-Q’s extra performance doesn’t detract from the car’s 29 mpg combined fuel economy. Tests have proven that thanks to a combination of the increased low speed torque and efficiencies realised by the refined Unichip Uni-Q ECU map, fuel economy is unaffected by the Unichip U-Connect package, with drivers actually reporting a 5-10% better fuel consumption compared to standard.
Available now directly from Unichip Europe, priced at £398.78 excluding VAT and carrying part number ppNIS12.0, the Unichip U-Connect suits the six speed manual transmission variant of the 2.5-litre DCi Nissan Navara produced from 2005 until spring 2010.

Source: Unichip