BMW and Toyota have a joint-venture to deliver a new sports car. BMW will come with a successor for the Z4 while Toyota will bring back to life the Supra. A few days ago we have seen the BMW Z4 Concept and today we have some great news from a Toyota insider.

According to Dave (the insider), the new Toyota sports model will come with a V6 engine that is developed together by the two automakers (BMW and Toyota). The engine will have 3.5 liters and will be able to deliver more than 400 horsepower. 

Another important fact is the transmission. Previous reports have told that the new Toyota Supra won’t have a manual transmission, but Dave confirms a manual gearbox. 

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The same insider sais that the new production model will be out in 2019. And this info might be real because Auto Bild, the German magazine, reported a few days ago that the Supra successor concept will be revelead during the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. 

Source: Motor1