Toyota is woring on a new hypcar that will be used on the endurance series. The prototype of the car was already shown and it was named GR Super Sport.

The testing phase has already begun, but there are still lots of thing to learn about the car. And this week, some news have appeared.

A trademark filing with the the European Union Intellectual Property Office lists GR 010 as being filed on September 23. The registration comes from Toyota, but there is no other context for the trademark, so it is pretty hard to imagine that Sport Sport and this acction are related.

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If we are looking back at Toyota names for other endurance hypercars, like the TS020 Le Mans racer from 1998 and 1999, the GR 010 fits the form.

Whatever it’s called, the new car will race in the new FIA Hypercar category, which should start in 2021.