The Toyota 4Runner Backcountry is a special 4Runner developed by Four Wheeler Magazine, which will debut at the 2010 SEMA Show, and which raise interest among those who are looking for a self-contained exploration rig.
The Toyota 4Runner Backcountry features a new suspension system with heady-duty springs and custom shock absorbers, plus the ride height has been lifted by 2.5 inches. The SUV’s Teflon coated 17 inch wheels are wrapped in Falken WildPeak rubber, and among exterior enhancements that have been added we can mention the Deluxe Bull Bar front bumper, the front Air locker, the twoHID driving lights, and four KC HiLiTES 5×7 front facing and two 2×6 rear facing lights.
The Toyota 4Runner Backcountry has also received a Touring Style Roof Rack, a 13 gallon water tank, a Cobra CB radio, Garmin GPS and a fridge.  
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Toyota press release :
2010 SEMA Show: Four Wheeler Magazine Toyota 4Runner Backcountry
Four Wheeler Magazine’s Project Toyota 4Runner Backcountry makes its world debut at the 2010 SEMA Sow.  This special 4Runner was built as a self-contained exploration rig to take the avid weekend adventurer far in to the backcountry to allow discovery of the roads less traveled and forgotten places in history. The modifications were carefully chosen to enhance the 4Runners signature style and capability without taking away from what the 4Runner is – all while maintaining the 4Runner’s comfort for daily driver use, if desired.
Starting with an Old Manu Emu (OME) suspension system, consisting of heavy-duty springs and OME NitroCharger Sport shock absorbers, the 4Runner was lifted approximately 2.5-inches. This not only allowed for increased load carrying ability and higher ground clearance, but also made it possible to fit P285/70R17 Falken WildPeak A/T tires mounted to 17×8 Teflon-coated ATX Mojave wheels. Overall, the 4Runner Backcountry sits approximately 3-inches taller than a stock 4Runner.
To stay with the theme of lone backcountry travel and prevent being stranded, the 4Runner Backcountry compliments the factory rear locker with an ARB front Air Locker. However, if the going gets tough and the 4Runner manages to get stuck, a Warn XD9000 winch is at the ready to self-recover, if necessary. The winch is mounted to an ARB Deluxe Bull Bar front bumper. Also mounted to the front bumper are two 6×9 KC HiLiTES HID driving lights.
No backcountry expedition is complete without accommodations. Mounted to the roof is an ARB Steel Touring Style Roof Rack, which is used to mount the ARB Series III Simpson Rooftop Tent and ARB Awning 2000.  The roof rack is also utilized as a platform for the four KC HiLiTES 5×7 front facing and two 2×6 rear facing lights. Together with the HID driving lights, the KC’s work together to pierce even the darkest of nights and provide additional lighting around the vehicle.
Out back, EVO Manufacturing has developed a rear tire and Expedition One Geri fuel can carrier that moves the spare tire from under the vehicle to the back. This frees up space for a custom 13-gallon water tank to be mounted where the factory spare used to reside. The custom water system uses a 12V inline electric pump to push the water out to a hose that can be used as a shower, as well as washing dishes or hands.
EVO Manufacturing also developed a set of rock sliders to protect the body of the 4Runner on the worst trails that an adventurer may come across away from civilization.
Inside the 4Runner Backcountry, the driver is greeted with a Cobra CB radio for trail communications and a dash-mounted Garmin GPS as a primary navigational aid. All of the accessory switches utilize the factory switch blanks for an uncluttered dash and all of the auxiliary electrical components are run through an S-Pod power distribution system to keep them separate from the factory electronics.
The 4Runner Backcountry also features a rear cargo area-mounted Power Tank on-board air system for airing up tires.  Finally, the factory slide out rear tray carries an ARB Fridge Freeze to help keep perishable provisions from spoiling.
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Four Wheeler Toyota 4Runner Backcountry Features
• Manu Emu (OME) suspension system
• OME NitroCharger Sport shock absorbers
• P285/70R17 Falken WildPeak A/T tires
• 17×8 Teflon-coated ATX Mojave wheels
• ARB front Air Locker
• Warn XD9000 winch
• ARB Deluxe Bull Bar front bumper
• Two 6×9 KC HiLiTES HID driving lights
• four KC HiLiTES 5×7 front facing and two 2×6 rear facing lights
• ARB Steel Touring Style Roof Rack
• ARB Series III Simpson Rooftop Tent and ARB Awning 2000
• EVO Manufacturing rear tire and Expedition One Geri fuel can carrier
• EVO Manufacturing rock sliders
• 13-gallon water tank with12V inline electric pump
• Cobra CB radio
• Garmin GPS
• Rear cargo-mounted Power Tank on-board air system
• ARB Fridge Freeze

Source: Toyota