BBC is selling Top Gear’s Reasonably Priced Kia Cee’d. This model managed to last for five seasons and saw more than 24 celebrities behind it’s wheels. But there is an important fact. This very example was the one fitted with the automatic transmission so…you do the maths. 

If you are searching on eBay you will find out that the car has 11,506 kilometers on the odometer and nearly all of them were run on the track. Under the hood is the 1.6 liter petrol unit, while the cabin has bucket seats and a roll-cage. 

The current bid is 2,990 USD but the auction will last for another eight days. It will end on June 1. The five fastest around the Top Gear track in the Kia Cee’d were Matt LeBlanc, Rowan Atkinson, Michael Fassbender, John Bishop, and Tom Cruise.