StreetFire has made the latest episode from Top Gear available online, so if you want see the latest stunts and challenges involving BBC’s famous trio, then be sure to check out the video below.
The Top Gear Season 17 Episode 5 starts with Clarkson driving the Jensen Interceptor, a car which surprisingly, has never really made it into the 60’s and 70’s detective movies and continues with the same Clarkson having fun with the new Lotus T125 Formula 1 Car.
We all know what a Foruma 1 car means. A machine that is light, fast and powerful which features insane amounts of grip due to its special tires and which is capable of braking on incredibly short distances. Well in order to demonstrate that, Jeremy compares the Lotus T125 with his own Mercedes CLK63 AMG, and explains the fact that you need to trick your mind in order to get the car driven at high speeds.
He also laps the Top Gear track in the Lotus T125 and manages to surpass the fastest car ever tested there, the Ariel Atom V8.
Apart from all that, the Top Gear Season 17 Episode 5 is also showing the boys competing against a team of demolition experts, by using military equipment to knock down houses, while this week’s star in the reasonably price car is Bob Geldof. 
Top Gear Season 17 Episode 5 Video :

Source: StreetFire