We have a small section from the Top Gear Season 17 Episode 4 which aired on BBC 2 and BBC HD on July 17th, and hopefully it won’t take long until the full episode goes live on StreetFire so we can share it for your enjoyment here on CarSession.
What were the crazy Brits from Top Gear up to this time? Well the famous trio has taken a shot at making train travel cheaper and faster, and in order to achieve that, the crew decided to replace the traditional locomotive and carriages with specially modified cars.
The Top Gear Season 17 Episode 4 also features a comparison between the limited version Jaguar XKR-S and the latest generation Nissan GTR.
The special guest in the ‘Reasonably Priced Car’ segment is comedian Rowan Atkinson famous for his roles as M. Bean. 
UPDATE : complete episode added.

Top Gear Season 17 Episode 4 Video

Source: YouTube