Honda has published the first design sketch of its upcoming sub-compact SUV. Named WR-V, the model will be showcased during the 2016 Sao Paolo Auto Show and it will be sold only in South America. For now. 

The name of the model is an acronym for ‘Winsome Runabout Vehicle’ and promise to be very popular among the young fellows who enjoy active lifestyles. 

According to Honda, the new WR-V will be positioned below the current HR-V and it will compete with the mighty Nissan Juke. On the design side we see some similarities with the HR-V. 

Also we have spotted some interesting cues. For example, the prominent body crease running horizontal along the doors and the aggressive lines combined with sharp headlights offers an interesting style. 

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For now, Honda hasn’t announce when the new WR-V will reach the production line.

Source: Honda