The German group Volkswagen has announced its involvement in the V-Charge project. This new concept has successfully developed an automated parking and electric vehicle charging station. 

Described as the future of valet parking, the V-Charge system allows the driver to pull up at the entrance of a car park, exit the vehicle and go where he or she needs. Thanks to a smartphone app the driver will activate the automated parking process.  When this occurs, a digital map is sent to the vehicle to help it autonomously navigate to an open parking space.

This car park also comes with lots of inductive charging spots for electric cars, The V-Charge system will automatically send electric vehicles to this spot to recharge their batteries. After the battery is full, the car will move to an empty parking spot so the charging station can be used by another car. 

When the driver is ready to leave the building, he opens the V-Charge app to tell the car to come to the pick-up area and it will automatically drive itself there.

Source: Volkswagen