This Volkswagen Beetle managed to run with 205.122 miles-per-hour (330.111 km/h) over the classic mile at Bonneville. This time, the German car manufacturer worked with the guys from THR Manufacturing and managed to build a special car. 

Under the hood of this Beetle is a 2.0 liter TSI engine that features a massive blower and modified camshaft, pistons, connecting rods, and cylinder head. As a result, the engine delivers 543 horsepower and 571 Nm peak of torque. 

The engine resources are sent to the ground via a limited-slip differential. In order to run that fast, the guys from THR Manufacturing lowered the suspension and put some special Salt Flats wheels and tires. 

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“Exceeding 200 mph [320 km/h] in the Beetle LSR was a serious thrill. We had enough power to go even faster it the salt hadn’t been so sketchy. But seeing 208 mph [335 km/h] briefly on the digital readout was an experience I’ll never forget”, said motoring journalist Preston Lerner.

“We are completely thrilled with the Beetle LSR’s performance at Bonneville. The Beetle is not the most aerodynamic car in our portfolio, so running 205 mph is a testament to the power that can be made from the EA888 TSi engine. This feat truly underscores the sporty and pugnacious spirit of the Beetle”, added Volkswagen of America marketing head Hendrik Muth.

Source: Volkswagen