Honda has unveiled the first photos and has offered the first details about the new 2014 Jaz/Fitt model. The new Japanese model comes with a design healy inspired by the 2012 Insight and features angular headlamps and a big front bunper. 

In the back of the new Fit/Jazz we see some Volvo inspired taillights, a ventilated bumper and some chrome accesories. 

In these photos we also see a hybrid version of the upcoming Jaz/Fitt. This version will use a new four cylinder 1.5 liter that will work with an electric motor and a seven speed dual cluth transmission. 

In these conditions the Japanese model can achieve a fuel economy of 2.7 liters per 100 kilometrs. The new Jaz/Fitt Hybrid also features three driving modes: EV, Hybrid and Engine.

Source: Honda