An Australian driver has received a speeding ticket for going with 100 km/h in an area which had a…100 km/h speed limit. His name is Zac Murray from Queensland and that day he was driving on the Sunshine Motorway near Brisbane.

The unique event took place on May 14 and he was behind the wheels of his father’s car. The speeding camera caught him with 100 km/h in that 100 km/h area and after that he received a $151 fine. 

As you can already imagine, the Queensland Police Service decided to erase the speeding fine and has labeled this unique incident as an administrative error. But this isn’t the first time when drivers are caught running with the legal speed. 

This time the mistake was caused after "an error occurred during the manual adjudication processes, where these records were not identified and rejected as per standard practice and subsequently two notices were issued to the registered owners of the vehicles."

Source: WCF