Last year, Bentley revived the Azure name. But it wasn’t for a new car. It was for a new package full of luxury elements.

Now, the British car manufacturer has decided to show us a custom unit of Continental GT Azure that pays homage to a 1953 R-Type Continental.

The latter one is a heritage collection model and it was delivered to Dr. Rowland Guenin of Switzerland in December 1953. The car has an ivory body and a red cabin. Back in 2001, Bentley acquired the car and restored it.

As you can imagine, the new Bentley Continental GT Azure comes with the same exterior and interior colors as the old R-Type. The modern car was also equipped with some chrome accents, black 22 inch wheels and unique touches for the interior.

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The car was built in only one unit and will be a part of Bentley’s UK press fleet.