If you are a fan of Bugatti’s products than this is a good news for you. The guys from TMB Art Metal have hand-crafted some pairs of cufflinks which are made from the aluminum used for an OZ Racing wheel installed on one of the first Veyron production cars.

As you can imagine, these cufflinks are made in a limited-edition and have a 12-spoke alloy wheel design mimicking the look of the actual wheel coming from the donor car in Monaco. The price for a set is £295 (about $385) and can be ordered in bronze, or chrome black. 

But this is not the only Bugatti product that you can find in the TMB Art Metal window. They have developed a stunning 1:8 scale Veyron from Amalgam. It has a price of £5,700 (around $7,450) and comes with an incredible attention to detail. As you can imagine, they already have developed a model scale with the Chiron but this one is displayed at Bugatti’s brand new dealership in Berkley Square area of Mayfair, London.