As you may have read, the guys from Mercedes-Benz are working on a new generation A-Class. The German car manufacturer also develops the hardcore version of the car: the AMG A45. 

According to some rumors, this time, the little AMG A45 will come in two versions. Mercedes-AMG already confirmed that the A45 will deliver more than 400 horsepower but an inside voice is sure that the car will also come in a powerful variant named "Predator".

In the video below you will see the upcoming A45 model with a quad-exhaust and with the Panamericana grille. This one was first introduce in 2016 on the mighty AMG GT R. The next generation A45 will also be available with the new interior which will be inspired by the one seen on the S-Class. 

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The official debut of the new generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class might be in March at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.