The Nurburgring circuit is about to get free as the FIA approved Capricorn Nürburgring GmbH’s safety improvement plan. As a result, the speed limits will be removed. According to the safety plan, the Capricorn Nürburgring GmbH will install new retaining fences and additional FIA protective fencing.

More than that, the owners will have to establish a spectator restricted area and make track improvements in order to eliminate the bumps in the road surface. According to the same report, the company will start the constructions later this month and should complete them by early March. 

After that, the FIA will send a person to check if the improvements have been made and then the speed limits will be lifted (at least for racing). For now it remains unclear if manufacturer will be allow to conduct full speed runs but there are lots of producers that have already expressed their interest in setting a new lap record. Koenigsegg is one of them. They want to try at full speed the Agera R and the One:1 hypercar. 

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As you may have read, the speed limits were imposed after a spectator died this year during the VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring.

Source: Capricorn