During the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Toyota unveiled the all-new GR Supra Racinc Concept, the prototype that will be transformed into the production version of the fifth-generation Supra sports car.

According to Toyota UK, the road version of this concept will be unveiled in the first part of 2019 and some rumors are saying that the car will be revealed during the 2019 Detroit Motor Show in January.

A Toyota official has said that the car is likely to get a straight-six engine. As a result, a BMW unit with about 330 horsepower might be in the game. But this is not over because the Japanese car manufacturer official told that a hybrid or a 100% electric power train is also on the papers. 

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"This GR Supra Racing Concept is a concept car, but its the first concept model of the first production car that would go under the GR model, and that’s important", said a Toyota exec. In these conditions, the new generation Supra won’t be called a Toyota. It will have the Gazoo Racing nameplate.