Groupe Renault has gifted the Pope a new car. A brand new Dacia Duster for Pope Francisc.

The new special model comes with a more comfortable rear bench seats, a large sunroof, a removable glass suprastrcutre, a groud clereanc with 30 mm lower than the normal model.

There are also internal and external support elements while the car measures 4.34 meters long.

The car was presented to Pope Francisc by Christophe Dridi, the managing director of Groupe Renault Romania and CEO of Automobile Dacia SA, and by Xavier Martinet, the general manager of Groupe Renault Italy during a visit to Vatican City earlier this week.

“With this gift to His Holiness, Groupe Renault (Dacia’s parent company) renews its strong and continuous commitment to putting man at the center of its priorities,” said Martinet.