Who is the most reliable car? This is a car that everyone avoids it. Even those who have problems with their home car and don’t admit it. A recent study wants to share some light on the case.

Britain’s most and least reliable new and used cars have been revealed, with hybrid models among the most dependable and Land Rover and Renault owners found to have the least reliable cars. 

Hybrid cars from Japanese brands topped the reliability charts, with the Lexus CT (2011 – present) and Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2011 – present) receiving a 100% reliability rating from owners, indicating they suffered no faults over the previous 12 months. The only other car to match this achievement was the Kia Soul (2014 – 2019).

Although electric vehicles and hybrids have the best average reliability rating (96.1%) of the 10 car classes in the survey, not all cars with this technology are dependable. The Renault Zoe (2013 – present) scored a lowly 82.3%, with 44% of owners saying their car had suffered a fault.

The worst vehicle class for reliability was Luxury SUVs at 86.5%, with the Range Rover (2013 – present) and Range Rover Velar (2017 – present) proving the least bullet-proof. Almost half of Velar owners (48%) said their car experienced a fault in the past 12 months, while 35% of Range Rover owners had needed to visit a garage, with battery issues most common.

At brand level, Lexus vehicles were found to be most reliable, with a 99.3% reliability rating, followed by Toyota and Suzuki. Japanese and South Korean brands dominated the top 10 brand reliability rankings, occupying seven of the places. The worst brand for reliability was Land Rover, with an 81.3% rating, just below Renault and Jeep.