In 2020 Smart will become the first automotive manufacturer in the world to have switched its entire portfolio over from combustion engines to electric drives. 

But before that, Smart decided to come with a special edition of its last vehicles. Only 21 units will be produced and this collector’s item will be available starting this August. The name chosen for the special edition is pretty simple: #21. 

According to Smart officials, the edition centres on the idea of 21 years of smart, 21 vehicles, 21 years always a step ahead. This final special edition was developed with some help from Konstantin Grcic desginer. 

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"#21 commemorates something special, celebrating 21 years of smart. For me, it also symbolises much of what being 21 is about: being free, breaking boundaries, breaking out, showing your rebellious side", said Grcic. 

We don’t know for sure what models will be part of this last version, but in the pictures appears a Fortwo Cabrio. The car comes with a two-tone yellow and black bodywork and interior.