Together with its suppliers, the Volkswagen brand is making intensive preparations for the next Golf generation. The Wolfsburg plant currently produces more than 2,000 Golf family vehicles per day and is to remain the capital of the popular compact class in the future. In 75 weeks, the eighth generation of the bestseller in the compact segment is to roll off the production lines at Volkswagen’s main plant in Wolfsburg.

he Golf is sold in 108 countries and has convinced more than 35 million customers since 1974, the total investment of the brand in the next generation of the Golf will be about €1.8 billion.

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"Together with the I.D family, the introduction of the upcoming Golf generation will be the most strategically important product launch for the brand", said Ralf Brandstatter, Board Member for Procurement.

The key role in the development of the next Golf is played by Karlheinz Hell, Head of the Compact series group. In the development of the next Golf, Hell will be responsible for ensuring that all departments cooperate in the optimum way and that the Golf makes its contribution to financial performance.