The harshness of the winter is truly upon us with reports suggesting that the UK has been affected by the worst weather conditions in well over a decade. Up and down the country, frosty conditions and a heavy down pour of snow has near enough brought the country to a standstill. It’s hard to imagine why we haven’t figured it out yet, but every winter the frost and cold weather seems to take the UK by complete surprise and causes severe delays to transport and life in general.
If you can, this is the time of year to try and stay at home away from the cold. But we know you are busy people with places to go so if this is not an option, there may be a few things to consider. Driving in severe weather conditions presents a lot of problems for motorists to think about before setting off on a journey. The roads can be extremely dangerous this time of year, with icy roads, reduced visibility, deep snow and strong winds causing havoc for drivers all over the country.
Take precautions before you drive
Before setting off on a car journey there are important precautions you need to take to avoid any unnecessary accidents:
– Ensure your tyres are inflated correctly to cope better with wet and slippery conditions.
– Use the right anti-freeze screen wash for frozen conditions to help increase visibility
– A little squirt of WD-40 will prevent the danger of your door locks freezing
– Pack plenty of warm clothes in case of an emergency on your journey
– Check with your insurance provider to make sure your car is covered against extreme weather conditions
Even when fully prepared, your safety relies on your driving and attention to the roads. When driving in snow, get your speed right – not too fast so that you risk losing control, but not so slow that you risk losing momentum when you need it – and brake, steer and accelerate as smoothly as possible.
Make sure to double or even triple your stopping distance from the car in front as the icy conditions can cause your tyres to travel a lot further than on a dry surface. It will also pay off if you plan your journey round busier roads as they have more of a chance of being gritted and being a better driving surface.
Whatever you do, be careful, be safe and take precautions in these snowy conditions. Don’t let the frost ruin your day and try to avoid driving in these conditions whenever possible.