You know that Tesla Motors has had some problems with fire hazards on the Model S car. But now, the U.S.-based car manufacturer has equipped the Model S with a titanium underbody shield and aluminum deflector plates. 

The car manufacturer started equipping cars with these additional safety features on March 6th. All new Model S cars will be equipped with these safety features but current owners can also receive the upgrades upon request. 

"We felt it was important to bring this risk down to virtually zero to give Model S owners complete peace of mind." He went on to say "It is important to note that there have been no fire injuries (or serious, permanent injuries of any kind) in a Tesla at all. The odds of fire in a Model S, at roughly 1 in 8,000 vehicles, are five times lower than those of an average gasoline car and, when a fire does occur, the actual combustion potential is comparatively small", said Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Source: Tesla Motors