Switzer Performance has released a teaser of the Goliath Nissan GT-R package. According to the US tuner, this new performance kit was create to "explore the limits of Switzer’s package architecture". 

Because we are talking about Switzer and GT-R I invite you to go back in time. Last year, the US tuner released the Red Katana kit. Thanks to all those modifications, the Godzilla was able to deliver no less than 1400 hp.
Now, with the Goliath package, the GT-R will be able to produce Red Katana + 100 hp. We are talking about 1.500 hp, with 945 hp more than the stock version. 

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To prove that all this stuff is real, Switzer also released a dyno sheet. The interesting part is that the US tuner managed to achieve such power using their already tested parts used on the Ultimate Street Edition GT-R.
This means that the same intercoolers, plumbing and exhaust were slightly modified to provide this power increase. More details, photos and videos with the Goliath Nissan GT-R will be released in the next few days.

Source: Switzer Performance