The ECU remapping specialists from Superchips are back with a new electronic tuning program, this time applied to the MINI Cooper S R56 which features the revised 181 bhp (184 PS) 1.6-litre direct injection, turbocharged engine produced from March 2010 onwards.
This software optimisation program was developed after analysing the Bosch MED 17 ECU and extensively testing the car on the dyno as well as on public roads, and the results are that the Superchips MINI Cooper S R56 can now boost an additional 25 bhp at 5,444 rpm and 32 Nm of torque at 3,765 rpm.
As far as fuel consumption figures, Superchips says their conversion should have no effect on the 48 mpg combined fuel economy returned by the standard car.
The Superchips MINI Cooper S R56 upgrade costs 455 GBP including taxes and is available at approximately 80 performance centers across the UK. 

Source: Superchips