This week, the Japanese car maker Subaru has published a few teaser pictures with an upcoming STI model. Evrybody was expecting to see a BRZ STI but, it turns out that it was just the tS concept that was unveiled this week at the 86 festival organized at Fuji Speedway. 

The Subaru tS Concept is really a disappointment beacuse the guys from STI didn’t tweaked the 2.0 liter engine. It has the same 200 horsepower and 205 Nm peek of torque and it will be availble in two versions: BRZ tS and BRZ tS GT-package. 
If you will chose the GT version it will come with carbon GT wing borrowed from the Impreza sti, new black wheels, and some grille inserts. There will also be some Brembo breakes, Bilstein suspension and Recaro seats.

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The Subaru BRZ tS will have some exterior modifications, a special rear wing and inside the cabinyou wil find seats signed by Recaro. 

The two tS version will be available in 250 units and the order list is oppening on 18th August. The production will start in OCtober and the deliveries will commence shortly after. 

The Subaru BRZ tS will be available only in Japan at a price of 31.700 Euros (manual gear box) or 32.500 Euros (automatic transsmision). 

Source: Subaru