SRT Motorsports has revealed today the new Dodge Challenger SRT Trans Am race model. This special car will be made in two units and both of them will be sent to Miller Racing. 

One example will be driven by Cameron Lawrence and behind the wheels of the second one will be Tommy Kendall. According to SRT Motorsports, the new Challenger SRT will enter competition this weekend and will be registered in the Trans Am Series TA2 class.

“I’ve wanted to return to Trans Am competition for the longest time and then I finally kind of accepted that it wasn’t going to happen. It’s funny how things work. Being coaxed back into the Viper GTS-R program back in 2012 helped pave the way to my return. Over the last 10–15 years, I’ve committed to only doing things that are fun. Trans Am was a huge part of my professional life and to get to play a small part in keeping up the visibility here is really exciting", said Kendall.

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“We definitely want to continue the success we’ve had and we’re really excited to bring Dodge on board. We want to stay on top and keep the season rolling with the momentum we’ve had. It’d be really cool to get some wins for Dodge and SRT Motorsports this season, and although it’s going to be tough adapting halfway through the season, we’re going to do our best to get the Dodge Challenger SRT to victory lane", added Lawrence.

Source: Dodge