German tuner SpeedART released information and live photos with their PS9 project involving the Porsche Panamera.  The SpeedART PS9 Porsche Panamera is offered with four different power stages ranging from 520 HP to 550, 600 and 640 HP with a maximum torque of 890 Nm. These new improved figure result from SpeedART’s use of bigger turbochargers and intercoolers, a redesigned ECU as well as sport catalysts and air filters.
With the 650 HP version SpeedART PS9 Porsche Panamera accelerating from 0 to 100 Km/h (62 mph) takes 3.5 seconds and a maximum speed of 200 mph can be reached.
Other technical enhancements on the SpeedART PS9 Porsche Panamera include high performance brakes and a new exhaust system while the aerodynamic body kit comes with new front chin spoiler, an air-vented front bonnet, side sills and a new rear spoiler and diffuser.
A set of 22 or 23 inch center star LSC FORGED wheels complete the SpeedART PS9 Porsche Panamera overall aspect.
SpeedART press release :
speedART presents the PS9 – based on the new Porsche Panamera:
Power kits (just for Turbo engine):
Power kits with 520, 550, 600 and 650 hp up to 890 Nm consits of bigger turbo chargers and intercoolers (just 600 + 650 hp), sport exhaust with sound switch, sport catalysts, sport air filter and ECU update. The 650 hp car accelerates in 3.5 seconds from 0 – 62 mph and the top speed is over 200 mph.
Sport brake system with modular 380 mm discs and 6 piston brake calipers
– sport exhaust systems; optional with sound switch control
– sport catalyst (OBD2-compliant) for impressive 8 cylinder sound and more power and torque
– different design twin tail pipes, polished or matt black
fully CAD designed body kit consists of:
– front chin spoiler for more downforce with integrated brake cooling system
– engine hood air outlets
– rear diffuser for enhanced down force and a very sportive design
– rear bumper with air outlets on the side to give the back a racy look and to interrupt the big curves of the factory-provided back
– side skirts for a wide body look
– rear spoiler on rear bonnet for optimized downforce and an impressive styling
– speedART designed three-pieces forged wheel in 22” with 23” center star, type „LSC FORGED“ in 9,5 + 11 x 22” with 265/35 and 305/25 ZR22” tyres, many colored versions available
– upholstered sport steering wheel with F1-shift paddles (available in 340 mm and 365 mm with aluminium-, wood- or carbon inlays)
– real-carbon body trim in special colours
– colored stiches on door panels and seats (many colors availiable)
– instrument dial plates (many colors availiable)
– design floor mats

Source: SpeedART