The tuners at speedART present their latest upgrade program for the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid which is named the speedHYBRID.
Starting with the engine the V6 unit powering the speedART Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid has received an extra 70 HP which means total system output (including the electric motor) raised to 450 HP and 570 Nm of torque. This boost enables the speedART Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid to hit 100 Km/h from a standstill in 6.0-seconds flat instead of 6.5 seconds and the maximum speed that can be reached is now 252 Km/h, 10 Km/h more than the regular version.
Other enhancements featured by the speedART Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid include 22 inch lightweight forged wheels, a switch controlled sport exhaust system with 2×100 mm exhaust pipes and an electronic lowering module for model equipped with air suspension.
For those that will desire a more exclusive aspect the tuner said it is currently working on two different body kits for the speedART Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid while the interior gets a turbo pressure gauge, blue instrument and dials.
speedART press release :
The latest innovation of the Porsche Tuner speedART from Rutesheim near Stuttgart is called speedHYBRID( 450 which is based on the new Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid. Please find attached an overview on the Tuning activities done by speedART:
speedART offers for the V6 compressor engine a power enhancement with additional 70 HP, so that the system effort (petrol engine with electric motor) rises up to 450 HP and 570 NM. Regarding the performance, the effort of the speedHYBRID( 450 is much better than the one of the Cayenne S. The speed-up decreases from 6.5 Sec. down to 6.0 Sec. and the maximum speed rises up to 252 Km/h. This means a plus of 10 Km/h compared to the original Cayenne S Hybrid and a plus of 22 Km/h compared to the usual V6.
The electric mode stays unaffected by the power enhancement. The  speedHYBRID( can be driven in the Zero-Emission-Mode as economical and as efficient as the original Cayenne Hybrid. Of course the function of the Sport- and the E-Power-Button stays the same, only that, when needed 70 hp more power for a sporty drive are available.
speedART offers for the Hybrid a sport exhaust with sound switch and 2×100 mm tail pipes. This highlights the sportive sound of the V6-compressor and the power enhancement gets also acoustically underlined. The sport exhaust system with sound switch can be ordered for all Cayenne models with petrol engine. A sport exhaust system for the Diesel is also availiable.
In combination with the sporty driving performance 22“wheels, type LSC-FORGED will be mounted. This forged and weight optimized modular 3-piece wheel set is available for the front axle with 9,5×22“ and 275/30 ZR22“ tyres and for the rear axle with 11×22“ and 315/30 ZR22“. The painting of the centre star can be individually chosen by the customer. Due to the special forging technology the weight of the LSC-wheels is on the same level as the weight of a cast 21“ wheel, so that there is no higher consumption caused by the bigger wheels.
The innovative speedHYBRID(-concept is underlined by the sporty blue foliation, which causes together with the white base colour a sporty, modern and environment friendly image.
Two different body kits for the new Cayenne models are in preparation and will be presented contemporary, so that individual customer choices can be satisfied.
For cars with air-ride system an electronic lowering kit module will be offered and for cars with conventional suspension lowering springs can be ordered.
For the compressor motor a special turbo pressure gauge will be mounted on the car dashboard, so that turbo pressure can be observed all the time. Of course this is used in combination with a blue instrumental dial, which replaces also the grey instrumental dial of the centre rev counter from the original tachometer.

Source: speedART