Smart and BASF, the world’s largest chemical company have developed a new electric concept called the Forvision which will be showcased at the IAA in Frankfurt this month.
The car makes use of an electric powertrain and features a series of energy-saving technologies like an solar roof which feeds power back into the lithium-ion batteries, an energy saving heating system, and windows covered with a special film which keep the cabin nice an cool.
Apart from featuring special wheels made out of advanced plastic (which helps reduce weight on each wheel by around 3 Kg), the Smart Forvision is also making use of carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy resin throughout the cabin, which according to the company, is 50 percent lighter than steel and 30 percent lighter than aluminium.
We’ll have complete details with the Smart Forvision once the concept is shown in Frankfurt in 11 days, so stay tuned.

Source: Smart