A new special edition smart launched in the UK, called the Smart ForTwo Lightshine which is based on the passion coupe version and which features a series of enhancements at both the exterior and interior.
The Smart ForTwo Lightshine Edition will be limited to 86 exemplars, with power extracted from a 54 bhp cdi engine using a softip transmission that enables CO2 emissions of just 86 grams per Km, the latest figure in the world for a combustion engine car.
Some of the unique features at the exterior include body coloured (light green matt) aprons, side skirts and filler cap, LED daytime running lights, colour coded headlamp bazels and three-double spoke design alloys. 
At the interior the Smart ForTwo Lightshine Edition comes with a redesigned upper dashboard and glovebox, improved materials, and the high line navigation system that features a new larger touch screen.
The Smart ForTwo Lightshine Edition price is 11,405 GBP. 
Smart press release :
smart is set to be even more of a leading light with the arrival of the smart fortwo lightshine edition.
Based on the passion coupé model, the striking special edition
emphasises the enhancements to the latest new generation smart fortwo
and reaffirms the cdi model as the CO2 world champion for combustion engine vehicles.
The stunning exterior of the lightshine edition builds on the now
standard colour coded front and rear aprons, sideskirts and filler cap
of the new passion. Unique to the lightshine edition are the combination
of light green matt body panels, LED daytime running lights, colour
coded headlamp bezels, ‘lightshine’ badging and the new pulse 3-double
spoke alloys in an exclusive paint finish.
As with the latest smart fortwo, the interior of the lightshine
edition benefits from new upper dashboard and glovebox designs along
with improved materials and new fabric patterns. The striking special
edition also features the passion model’s high line navigation system
with a new larger touch screen, CD/DVD/SD functionality and iPod®
interface, while interior finishing touches include a sporty 3-spoke
steering wheel with paddleshift gear change and floor mats with the
‘lightshine’ logo.
Only 86 of the smart fortwo lightshine edition will be produced for
the UK and all will feature the groundbreaking 54bhp cdi engine. Using
the softip transmission of the pulse, the lightshine edition emits just
86g/km CO2 – the lowest figure in the world for a combustion engine car.
“The smart fortwo lightshine edition epitomises the values of smart,
the model offering an unrivalled fusion of eye-catching style, comfort
and environmental compatibility in a fun-to-own and drive package,” said
Gary Savage, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Cars.
“Based on the cdi, the lightshine edition demonstrates how the
innovative brand continually evolves to meet customers’ requirements,
the special edition being the perfect choice for today’s car buyers who
wish to drive something that is both unique and entertaining but who do
not wish to compromise on economy, practicality and affordability.”
The smart fortwo lightshine edition is priced at £11,405 on-the-road.

Source: Smart