Always seen as a record-braking car, the new Smart Fortwo was chosen by JBL as the perfect vehicle for an extreme experiment. The US sound specialist introduced a series of important speakers and amplifiers to create the smallest mobile concert hall in the world.
It wasn`t too hard, considering the small dimmensions of the Smart Fortwo, called Forgigs. It serves as a mobile amplifier for live concerts by street musicians, for example. And music fans will be able to experience the world’s smallest concert hall when it goes on a European tour this summer.
A total of five amplifiers provide sound pressure of up to 150 dB: three JBL GTO 804 EZ amps serve the tweeters and mid-range speakers whilst two JBL GTO 751 EZ amps power the subwoofers. They drive a total of four type JBL GTO 609 C loudspeaker sets, each with two tweeters and two mid-range speakers. In addition to these 16 loudspeakers there are two powerful subwoofers, each with a diameter of 30 cm.
The signals are transferred from mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones by A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). iOS, Android and Windows devices are supported. The result is crystal-clear high-end sound.
Ten square metres of alubutyl insulation material fully insulate the passenger cell and door panels, 100 metres of electric, loudspeaker and signal cable are hidden behind the panelling.