Skoda marks an important step towards electric mobility with its new Superb iV. The first SUPERB iV rolled off the line at the ŠKODA AUTO Kvasiny plant. Carmaker ŠKODA AUTO has comprehensively prepared the site for the manufacturing of the first electrified production model in the company’s history, investing approximately 12 million euros in renovation work. 

The new ŠKODA SUPERB iV plug-in hybrid is made exclusively in Kvasiny, where it is built on the same production line as SUPERB variants that are driven solely by a combustion engine.

ŠKODA AUTO invested approximately 12 million euros in preparing the Kvasiny site for the specific requirements of manufacturing the first electrified ŠKODA production model. Body production and the assembly hall, for example, have been modified (see infographic). Thanks to the renovation work, the SUPERB iV plug-in hybrid can be built on the same production line as models featuring a conventional combustion engine. As the two drive variants have different floorpans, some of the equipment in the body shop had to be adapted or installed.

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Within the production line, ŠKODA AUTO also installed an additional container for chassis frames as well as a manipulator for high-voltage and 12-volt batteries.

Furthermore, ŠKODA AUTO has pressed ahead with staff development relating to electromobility. To this end, the car manufacturer built a new training centre in Kvasiny; since then, almost 5,500 members of staff have completed their training there.

The modernised ŠKODA SUPERB has been built at the ŠKODA AUTO Kvasiny site since July 2019. In addition to the brand’s flagship, the KAROQ and KODIAQ SUVs are also manufactured there. In 2018, more than 300,000 cars left the Kvasiny plant in one year for the first time. The carmaker employs around 9,000 members of staff.