Skoda has published the details of the 2019 Skoda Octavia G-TEC facelift model. According to the Czech car manufacturer, the new version comes with more power and longer range when using CNG. 

Under the hood of the car is the 1.5 liter TSI engine that can deliver 130 horspower, 20 HP more than its predecessor. Thanks to variable intake valve timing with Miller cycle operation, it is also very efficient. In CNG mode, CO2 emissions are reduced even further, by around 25 per cent compared to petrol, with considerably lower nitrogen oxide output. As you can imagine, the G TEC version of the Octavia complies with Euro6d-Temp. 

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The three CNG tanks in the Skoda Octavia G-TEC have a total capacity of 17.7 kilograms. The tank positioned in front of the rear axle is made of steel. The other two tanks, situated under the luggage compartment, are fashioned from a new composite material that combines ultimate safety with low weight. When operated on CNG alone, the Octavia G-TEC can cover a range of around 480 kilometres. 

The new CNG model can be ordered also in Combi format and it is available with Active, Ambtion and Style trim-lines.